Commercial Activity: March 30, 2022

Commercial Activity: March 30, 2022 commercial real estate Commercial Activity

A summary of recent commercial real estate activity in London

Photo: Two industrial buildings at 555 Admiral Drive (pictured) and 639 Sovereign Road sold for $9,390,248

945 & 955 Huron Street
type   Condominium apartment buildings (two)
price   $38,700,000
seller   Onrock (Huron) Inc.
buyer  Skyline Real Estate Holdings Inc.

769 Dundas Street
type   Mixed-use commercial building
price   $1,800,000
seller   1179369 Ontario Inc.
buyer   The London Cross-Cultural Learner Centre

250 Wharncliffe Road South
type   Rooming houses
price   $2,000,000
seller   Named individuals
buyer   12205947 Canada Inc.

378 Central Avenue
type   Multi-family building
price   $1,815,000
seller   1879582 Ontario Ltd.
buyer   Uchendu Holdings Inc.

555 Admiral Drive & 639 Sovereign Road
type   Industrial buildings (two)
price   $9,390,248
seller   Kaprod Holdings Ltd.
buyer   Admiral-Sovereign Inc.

Transaction information provided by Mark McManus of Valco Consultants Inc., 519-667-9050 ext. 234, [email protected]

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