Dispatch: November 3, 2023

Dispatch: A summary of recent business appointments and announcements, plus upcoming events for the week ahead

Dispatch: November 3, 2023 dispatch Dispatch

ELECTED To the London Chamber of Commerce 2023/24 Board of Directors: Evan Klassen (Grand Theatre); Abhi Mukherjee (London Health Sciences Centre); Ashley Sisco (Sisco & Associates Consulting Inc.); and Simon Trevarthen (Fanshawe College).

OPENED London-Middlesex Youth Wellness Hub, 332 Richmond Street.

AWARDED With London Chamber of Commerce 2022-2023 Chair’s Awards for volunteer dedication and contributions: Luca Monti (100 Kellogg Lane); Betty Holme (London Public Library); and Terry Meyer (Kwik Kopy Print & Design London).

APPOINTED Brett Chabot, marketing manager, tbk Creative.

PROMOTED Nicole Bigos, to senior marketing manager, growth, McLean & Company (a division of Info-Tech Research Group).

ANNOUNCED By Downtown London, nominees for the inaugural AGM Business Awards, to be presented on November 7. Gerald Gallacher Heart of Downtown Award nominees: Kathy Smith and Jim Yanchula. Business Excellence Award nominees: Taz Hair Co., Hassan Law, KGK Science, Black Walnut Café, The Gourmet Deli, Heroes Comics, Jill’s Table, The Tea Lounge and Art with Panache.

APPOINTED Efe Fofah, relocation coordinator, CityMatch.

APPOINTED Sean Robson, associate, business law group, and Waseem Shahatto, associate, personal injury group, Lerners LLP London.

ANNOUNCED By TechAlliance, finalists for the Limitless 2024 Awards: Brüst Beverage Company Ltd., EventConnect and NLPatent (The Breakthrough Award); Adam Preston from General Land Dynamics Systems Ltd., Andre LeFort from tbk Creative and Oleksiy Zaika from Vessl Prosthetics (The Maker Award); Frontline Medical Technologies Inc., Nuts For Cheese and SoilOptix (The Scaleup Award); and Chloe Beaudoin, co-founder of Apricotton and Ryan Castellarin, founder of Mappo (Forthcomer Award).

PUBLISHED Passing Down Your Success: How to Prepare Your Family and Business for the 1st Transition, by Tammy Buss.

APPOINTED Sarah Dyer, chief operating officer, EventConnect.

ANNOUNCED By the Western Fair District, return of the Wine and Food Show, January 12 and 13, 2024.

APPOINTED Richard Wylie, senior manager, manufacturing, Trudell Medical International.

Dispatch: November 3, 2023 dispatch Dispatch

November 6: Entrepreneur 1.0 Innovation Academy

November 7: Downtown London 2023 Annual General Meeting

November 7: Tactics for Great Video Content

November 8: hirewesternuAbility Accessible Employment Lunch and Learn Series

November 8: EY: Generational growth and prosperity: aligning family and business interests for future success

November 8: Canadian Club of London Speaker Series (Ted Barris & the Battle of the Atlantic)

November 9: Foodpreneur Advantage: How to Sell Your Food Product… Your Roadmap to Success

November 9: Navigating the future of work with Gen AI

November 9: Women’s Canadian Club of London Speaker Series: Marvin Devries, Water – Global Issues and Opportunities

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