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Photo: Yasir Awan, Owner, The Flag Shop London

THE FLAG SHOP is primarily a business-to-business franchise, selling and installing indoor and outdoor flags and flagpoles, banners and branded promotional products to businesses, organization, municipalities, schools and the military, right across Southwestern Ontario.

I THINK ONE of the things I enjoy most about the business is the pride associated with the products we provide to our customers. What we’re really doing is helping people, businesses and organizations with their appearance—helping them to put their best foot forward. It’s extremely reswarding, and something you can be proud of.

I FIRST LEARNED about Zomaron when one of their sales representatives dropped by my store. We started chatting and he explained some of the benefits associated with their services. I was initially very surprised to hear about the savings that were available to me. Compared to my previous provider, Zomaron’s rates based on my sales volume were much better.

FOR US, SECURITY and service is really important. Because we’re a B2B operation, a lot of our transactions are manual credit card entries—we have a lot of customers giving us their credit card numbers over the phone and we punch them in manually. Zomaron met all of our requirements on this front and they had an excellent knowledge of exactly what processing technology and services we needed. Nothing was too much to ask. All our questions were quickly answered and any issues addressed right away.

OUR TRANSITION FROM our previous provider to Zomaron was seamless, and the staff provided service beyond expectation. Zomaron dedicated an account specialist to our business and we found that this personal touch was exactly what was missing from our previous processor. My dedicated specialist was available to me at all times for any questions, concerns or troubleshooting. The time it took to get up and running with Zomaron was also incredible. In less than 24 hours, I was processing payments through Zomaron.

IT IS GREAT to have a locally owned and operated business handling our credit card processing needs. Zomaron provides us with exceptional customer service; far above that of our previous provider. Not only are they prompt and courteous in dealing with any issues that arise, their staff provides us with the necessary training, education and ongoing support as the credit card industry evolves. We were so excited to have Zomaron want to partner with us for the Canada 150 celebration at White Oaks Park on Canada Day. This is just another example of how Zomaron engages and keeps their clients at the forefront.

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